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As founder of the Direct Specialty Care Alliance and an authority on the development of direct-pay/direct-care medical practices, Dr. Girnita is frequently interviewed by web, print and broadcast news and healthcare media outlets.

Dr. Girnita appeared on the globally respected KevinMD channel to explain how direct specialty care restores trust and compassion in the doctor/patient relationship.

Dr. Girnita is the leading advocate for physicians who are ready to practice independently, restore their relationship with patients, and  remove the cost burdens associated with medical care.

Dr. Girnita’s interview on the FreedomDoc series explained how direct specialty care improves patient access, offers physicians more time with patients, and eliminates billing and coding incentives.

Future of Medicine: Re-Imagine Your Digital Practice

Panel discussant Dr. Diana Girnita analyzed the importance of telehealth, access to second opinions and the importance of direct-pay practice models in restoring quality of care for both patients and doctors.

How New Practice Models Address the Rheumatologist Shortage

In this Slice of Healthcare interview, Dr. Girnita explains how direct specialty care medical practices improve rheumatology & autoimmune patient access and treatment outcomes during a worsening shortage of rheumatologists.

Broadening Access to Rheumatology via Telehealth Specialty Care

One Touch interviewed Dr. Girnita about the importance of telehealth as a tool that broadens access for patients who would otherwise wait months for in-person visits and experience avoidable diagnostic & treatment delays.

Breaking Barriers in Arthritis Care with Telemedicine

A discussion with KevinMD about the physician shortages and geographical and licensure barriers that make it difficult for arthritis patients to receive prompt rheumatological treatment.