What To Do When Your Rheumatologist Leaves or Retires

Time is of the essence.

Your local hospital announced that it’s closing its rheumatology clinic.

Your stomach churned when you opened the letter from your long-time rheumatologist announcing his retirement.

For many people, having to find a new doctor is just an inconvenience.

For people with RA and other autoimmune conditions, it’s an emergency. 

Even patients whose disease is stable are at risk. People with autoimmune conditions need timely labs to monitor treatment. They need experienced physicians willing to renew prescriptions so treatment isn’t interrupted. And they need prompt access to expert care to manage flare-ups or new symptoms. 

Meanwhile, patients flood the remaining local rheumatologists with appointment requests and it gets harder and harder to find someone locally who can see you quickly.

Many practices can’t take new patients. Others have as much as a six-month delay before your first appointment.

These serious conditions require active medical care. With prompt diagnosis and treatment, they’re very manageable. Without it, they’re life-threatening and often cause irreversible damage. 

Strategies to Continue Your Medical Care

You have lab results but not a final diagnosis

You recently got an autoimmune diagnosis

Your autoimmune disease is stable

You need regular labs to monitor meds

You need prior authorization for injectable or expensive meds

Your meds are running low

You're worried about RA or gout flare-ups

Burke TreidlerBurke Treidler ★★★★★ I had an excellent experience with Dr Girnita and saw her for 9 months.She:-is very competent and professional-is very good about explaining things clearly-will go the extra mile-is a pleasure to deal withBreann DavisBreann Davis ★★★★★ Dr Girnita is very knowledgeable and works hard to see the entire picture for her patients. She listens to her patients and sympathizes with how they feel. She is currently helping me with a diagnosis that is complex but she isn’t quitting to figuring out what’s going on with me. So grateful to have found her.Madalina TanaseMadalina Tanase ★★★★★ Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mrs. Dr. Girnita Diana for all the recommendations. In addition to the fact that she treats the patients' bodies with professionalism and empathy, she also treats their souls and psyches at the same time. Millions of thanks from RomaniaYupeng KongYupeng Kong ★★★★★ Considering the current US health care system, Rheumatologist oncall and Dr Diana is an unbelivable miracle!!! If you do not believe, please read my mom's experiences below. My mon, in her 70s, came to US to visit my family. Due to the covid pandemic, she could not return home. Unfortunately, she started building pains in multiple joints, such as ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder, etc, such symptoms progressed very quickly and severly. My mom could not walk without the help of walker in a very short time. Her symptoms cannot be relieved with acupuncture, plaster, heating pad. So, I know this is something severly, based on my limited medical knowledges, I suspected that my mom probably has rheumatoid arthritis based on her symptoms, and it was demonstrated with some blood lab works, which showed high level of CCP factor, high level of sedimentation rate, and high level of C reactive protein, which was ordered online and no health insurances needed with self pay.The tougher situation stared from there, where my mom could be treated??? My mom visited me without health insurance. Even with it, as you know, to get RA treated, you need to find a general doctor, he/she can refer you to a RA specialist, and you need to wait at least several months to see the RA doctor. Have to say, this makes no sense, but unfortunately it is a typical process. For RA patients, it is a terribly wrong process. RA can progress very fast, it attacks not only joint, but also lung, heart ,and other organs, with couple of months of wait, patient can be severely damaged and this process may be irreversible. Even though, such further damage may not happen, how can a patient stand with such pains daily?It is lucky for me to find rheumatologist oncall and Dr. Diana through internet. Diana is very professional and works very fast and effectively. She cares about my mom's overall health conditions, not only RA. After more lab tests, she prescribed medicine for my mom with thorough assessment of her past medical history. There are several kinds of generic medicines which can deal with RA, Diana made a careful choice to select from them in order to prevent from triggering severe side effect. Even though the medicine she prescribed is not expensive and not very strong regarding to suppressing the overwhelming immune reaction for RA, it is very effective for my mom's condition, her pain, swelling, numbness in her joints have significantly alleviated, she can walk for a distance without walker now. All this happened just in 4 months since she started with the treatment with Diana. If there were no Rheumatologist oncall and Dr.Diana, my mom even could not have seen a RA specialist in 4 months even with health insurance.I highly recommend Dr. Diana and her business -- Rheumatologist oncall, for the treatment of immune disorder diseases, such as RA, such diseases can progress very fast, at least, you need some fast action to deal with them, Thanks, Dr.Diana!Gil RGil R ★★★★★ I was under the care of Dr. Girnita for several months and was very grateful for her advice and guidance as I worked through some health issues. Dr. G was responsive to my questions, spent plenty of time listening to my concerns and providing suggestions to improve my health. It was so refreshing to be able to access a top tier rheumatologist within a matter of days. Additionally, her staff were very friendly and responsive. Overall my experience was unlike any other I have had with medical professionals in a very positive way.Shary VangShary Vang ★★★★★ Helped a physician from MN clarify a diagnosis for my patient with a good history and review of her records. Highly recommend to other DPC practices!!Zane BrachtenbachZane Brachtenbach ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita was very kind and professional. She listened to me and is helping get answers for diagnosis and plan.briana matisbriana matis ★★★★★ Very helpful and considerate. I felt like my health is in good handsCasey BothCasey Both ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is amazing! She really took the time to listen and diagnose my mother-in-law after many years been under treated by her primary care physician. I saw her and my wife struggles trying to manage the arthritis pain and symptoms progressing over the last 2 years. Thank to Dr. Girnita we found out she has RA and finally can have a proper treatment and manage her pain correctly. I highly recommend!Marla AndreggMarla Andregg ★★★★★ I cannot adequately convey in words how happy and grateful I am with Dr. Girnita! She took her time with me…listening, asking questions, explaining, and so forth. It was evident that she sincerely cares and wants to help. Her knowledge and expertise was clear. I feel Blessed to have found her, and look forward to getting my quality of life back. Highly recommend!!!Alison BullardAlison Bullard ★★★★★ BrandonBrandon ★★★★★ Amazing Rheumatologist - really was easily reached and always responded quickly. Gave me extensive information on my condition and investigated my case and all the proper bloodwork.Harry Thomas Jr.Harry Thomas Jr. ★★★★★ Dr Girnata identified my problem today.I have RA not some of the other diseases that previous Drs suggested.I am looking forward to finding the best possible solutions.Harryellen peroneellen perone ★★★★★ Direct Primary Care has always appealed to me because standard Medical Insurance has so much confusion, waiting, and bureaucracy. Dr. Girnita has been so kind and is always available to me, she listens and tries to work with what I am willing to do. She has made the process of getting Labs done and prescriptions ordered very smooth and easy.Jennifer HahamianJennifer Hahamian ★★★★★ RIGHT DOCTOR, RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT PRICEAfter unsuccessfully locating a rheumatologist to take my referral, no assurance the service would be paid for, plus a several months wait, I thought there HAD to be a better way. I needed someone to help explain my lab tests and guide me on the next steps. Thanks to Google search for bringing up Dr. Diana Girnita from Rheumatologist on-call. She is a compassionate and experienced physician who immediately put me at ease. She is unrushed and generous with her time. I joined as a member which costs less than my current insurance plan for MD visits plus labs. I also utilized her abundant and elegant educational resources and classes. Following her nutrition and exercise advice my labs returned to normal. Wow, now this IS health care.Ana GeoanaAna Geoana ★★★★★ Diana Girnita is my primary care doctor. I have decided to start this journey with her after experiencing the work of many primary care doctors in the US. Once I started working with Diana, I knew this would be a long term relationship. She was the first doctor who asked me about my sleep, nutrition, supplements, activity levels and lifestyle and compared that to my blood tests and results, explaining the connections coherently. Moreover, she spends the time to explain and ask questions, much more than other doctors I have worked with and this is something that I truly value in a primary care physician.Anca Oana DoceaAnca Oana Docea ★★★★★ The best rheumatologist. I was diagnose with a disease that at the beginning scared me a lot thinking that I will become invalid in time and Dr Girnita make me see all the story from another perspective. She presented me the situation from a holistic point of view, giving me advices on how I can decrease the body inflammation by modifying my diet and lifestyle. She don’t treat the disease, she treats the patient and by making a correct evaluation of the whole situation she succeed to improve the quality of patient’s life. Chronic inflammatory diseases needs correct evaluation and monitoring in order to succeed patient satisfaction and this is what Dr Girnita is doing.Serena TudosieSerena Tudosie ★★★★★ She is amazing! Helped me so much and would recommend everyone to make an appointment. Not only is she listening to your problems, her knowledge is very impressive! Dr.G will help you not only with medication, she will give you advice on so many levels. A real life saver!Tatiana BowTatiana Bow ★★★★★ In my journey with Long Covid ,I have met many types of doctors.Sadly not even a handful of truly amazing and very caring doctors.Dr.Girnita is one of those doctors who will do extra for her patients.When I was told she is not licensed in my state and if I want to keep my appointment it will be only a consultation. I was nervous, because I wondered if I will get the answers I am looking for. Dr. Girnita called me in the next 5 min- reassured me she will respond all my questions, look at my blood results and will advise me what to do next. She even called my doctor made a treatment plan.It really stood up to me how she wanted she hear my story. To know me better. She calmed me, supported me . Told me I can reach her with any advice or questions.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help.Keith WilsonKeith Wilson ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is an excellent clinician. She has that hard to find mix of being both knowledgeable and personable, competent and empathetic. She has a somewhat unique practice model that is likely to become increasingly common in the future. I very much feel her expertise is worth the expense and likely saves money for patients in the long run. I highly recommend!Carmen A.Carmen A. ★★★★★ Easy to obtain appointments. The office staff is so nice and willing to help. And the doctor is amazing.Kelley LaFondKelley LaFond ★★★★★ 100% amazing experience working with Dr. Girnita, and will continue to consult with her during my healing journey. Her empathy, support and knowledge of her speciality helped me tremendously during a very challenging time in managing my health and I would be lost without her. Recommended!!!Victoria PopescuVictoria Popescu ★★★★★ I finally met a doctor that took a comprehensive look at my health history and was willing to try until we saw improvements. A doctor that is not only a specialist but one that has extensive knowledge of clinical research in many areas and doesn't just follow checklists. I strongly recommend her!Mollie KrietemeyerMollie Krietemeyer ★★★★☆ Dr. Girnita is one of the best doctor’s I’ve had. This program is easy to use.Pinaki GuptaPinaki Gupta ★★★★★ Dr Girnita is very prompt, compassionate, and forthcoming doctor. She took my case when other Rheumatologists had long wait time, helped me through multiple (maybe) unrelated physical problems. The quick on call response you can get with Dr Girnita is unparalleled.Kerry Wilson-SkebeKerry Wilson-Skebe ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita has been amazing. I stumbled across Rheumatologist OnCall after enduring lots of problems from a mis diagnosed issue. Dr Girnita listened very carefully, reviewed my records, made a diagnosis and prescribed treatment that has literally given me mobility back. She is a great partner to have when you are dealing with autoimmune disease and am so thankful to be working with her.Caitlyn HillCaitlyn Hill ★★★★★ I have 24/7 access to Dr. Girnita for any healthcare questions. I've had a better experience with her than my previous doctors because my concerns are taken seriously as well.Aleksei ZubkovAleksei Zubkov ★★★★★ Helped my mom with the severe pain in her hand. My mom is very happy with the treatment.Rishika SinghRishika Singh ★★★★★ I am a physician and dealing with joint pain for close to 2 years with development of recent changes. The providers in primary care that I have seen have discounted all these symptoms as mechanical/stress related. I had to demand a referral to a rheumatologist and was referred to one with a wait time of 3 months. This is when I looked online and found Dr Girnita. She listens to you, validates your concerns and helps you find answers you have been looking for. The appointment is not rushed and you have the attention of your doctor for a whole hour. I have been in healthcare for 10 years now and this is a rare thing to get. She even contracts with lab companies to offer you discounted prices.If you have been struggling with pain and are having a hard time finding a rheumatologist, I would pick Dr Girnita!Deepthi MenonDeepthi Menon ★★★★★ Dr. Diana is very approachable and thorough. I was unable to find a rheumatologist who could see me urgently to go over some reports. Dr Diana went through all my reports with me and gave me a detailed plan on how to navigate my health concerns. It boosted my confidence and gave me a lot of mental relief. She is amazing and highly recommend to anybody needed rheumatological help.TravisTravis ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita has been an absolute lifesaver! She was able to see me within days of contacting her office. She offers amazing clinical advice, affordable services, and extremely responsive communication. She has not only brought me peace of mind, but superb health care.Steve RehnSteve Rehn ★★★★★ Diana Girnita is an excellent rheumatologist who has put together a brilliantly innovative way of offering her services. Her system is especially applicable to treatment of chronic disease. It gives patients much greater access to her while also providing cost predictability and lower prices. All of these things are difficult to achieve with the standard insurance/ fee-for-service model, yet are highly important for health conditions where the severity fluctuates and which may cause periods of crisis. Plus, Dr. Girnita is a warmly compassionate person who is honestly concerned with your welfare and inspires trust. I actually looked forward to our appointments. My polymyalgia was frightening to me but successfully resolved under her treatment, with no lasting side effects. I am a very satisfied ex-patient.Ramona DiaconuRamona Diaconu ★★★★★ Lopsided HeartLopsided Heart ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is great! She was able to see me way sooner than any local rheumatologist, and from the comfort of my own home, and she seems very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend.Lin CramptonLin Crampton ★★★★★ I highly recommend Dr. Girnita. After four months spent visiting 26 different physicians, multiple labs, CAT scans and MRIs, I found Dr. Girnita who immediately recognized my auto-immune condition and started me on treatment. In addition to her medical competence, I appreciate that Dr. Girnita responds quickly to my needs, and formulated a treatment plan respecting my wishes. I am sorry that I didn't find her sooner.Thi VoThi Vo ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is very knowledgeable, informative and so easy to talk to. She has such a great bedside manner. I am a primary care physician (PCP) who have referred to her, and my experience has been great thus far. My patient also speaks highly of Dr. Girnita. She truly listens to her patients and is very compassionate. As a PCP, I love that she consistently keeps you in the loop and keeps open communication with both you and the patient. I highly recommend Dr. Girnita at Rheumatologist OnCall; you will not regret it. I would go to her myself! I'd also give more starts if it were allowed!VengefulValkyrieVengefulValkyrie ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is kind and thorough. She listens when you speak, and makes clear the plan for care going forward. She makes every interaction useful and makes it a priority to help her patients in as timely a manner as possible. She has made a difficult situation as pleasant as possible and it is wonderful to work with her.Lucy HanLucy Han ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is amazing! I have been working with her for the past few months and I’m amazed that my health has improved tremendously. I had severe health problems, after seeing several practitioners who didn’t listen to me or understand my concerns, I found Dr. Girnita. She was very patient, provided detailed explanations, ran thorough labs and her treatments were helpful. I felt heard, cared and am so glad that she treated my problems. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a doctor who listens to you and believes in holistic medicines.Alejandro LucioAlejandro Lucio ★★★★★ Dr. Diana Girnita continues to exceed my expectations. She was the 2nd rheumatologist I worked with after receiving my diagnosis for an extremely rare autoimmune disease. From the first appointment she made me feel as though I was her most important patient. Her care and concern over the years has been valuable to me and my wife.When she moved from Ohio I was referred to another doctor. After a very short period of time I came to know even better how truly valuable Dr. Girnita is to all of her patients, but, especially, to me. I reached out to her to see if there was a way to continue our doctor/patient relationship from a distance. To my surprise, I found that she had been able to make arrangements so that we could continue our relationship.It's no exaggeration to say that Dr. Girnita has had a life-saving impact on our lives for which we will be forever grateful.You will not find a more caring, knowledgeable doctor who takes the time needed to care for you as if you're her only patient.Glen and Tania HotchkissGlen and Tania Hotchkiss ★★★★★ 5 stars all the way! Dr. Girnita is a complete game changer when it comes to Rheumatology care. I don't have the time or patience to deal with driving to the Houston Med Center. Especially during covid, I didn't want to spend long hours in a doctors office.So I found Dr. Girnita and she is awesome. She is caring and patient with me. Everything is done thru video calls and she has helped me greatly with RA treatment that we both like. She has even helped me with sinus infections and other health care. My favorite part is she is very supportive and helpful with vitamins, supplements and alternative options to go along with RA meds. You won't regret trying Dr. Girnita ❤️Alexandra TomsAlexandra Toms ★★★★★ Natassia WoodNatassia Wood ★★★★★ For some of you reading this review, this might be your 4th, 8th, or even 20th rheumatologist or specialist you’ve been considering. Every other doctor has dismissed you and your symptoms- whether it’s all “in your head”, you look “healthy” on the outside, or perhaps they labeled you with a generic syndrome because they don’t know what’s wrong with you. All of those descriptions were given to me by various doctors over the course of the last three years. Quite frankly, I had given up on getting any help from the medical community- the constant letdown of not getting heard or helped was too much for me (not to mention the cost, inconvenience, time, effort, etc). I had to stop working for nearly two years because of the pain and symptoms I was encountering. If any of the above sounds like your story, or you KNOW something is not right with your health even though the doctor tells you he can’t find anything wrong, you’ve come to the right place.Dr Girnita is that special kind of doctor that you hear of - the unicorn that others say exists, but you can never find. From the ease of accessing her, to her kindness and compassion, to her medical expertise, Dr Girnita is the best blessing to enter my life in many years. Dr G does not have a three month wait list, nor does she only spend 7 minutes with you each appointment- I was able to see her for an initial consultation within two business days. Dr G spent AN HOUR with me- asking me questions, educating me, and trying to understand my situation. After my first appointment with her, I knew my life was finally going improve because I had found that rare doctor that actually cares about YOU as a person- she has a true passion for medicine and moreso, for helping others. She is a genuine person and I completely trust her with my health. She is very intelligent, well educated, and makes rational decisions in regards to what mediations and treatments are best- and she treats the WHOLE PERSON. My blood work doesn’t always meet the basic criteria for specific diagnosis’s but that doesn’t mean I’m not sick. Dr G will work methodically to figure out the culprit of your issues, and I appreciate that she is not quick to throw out a diagnosis without due process.Dr Girnita has a wonderful medical business model that makes her affordable, accessible and free of many of the cumbersome restrictions and of the long waits that you typically encounter in most medical practices. Being under her care means having a doctor that will advocate for you. I suggest that you make an initial consultation as soon as you can, to get the relief you desperately need (and deserve). Now is the time to start taking back your life. As Dr G says, “you are NOT your disease!”Andreea MilitaruAndreea Militaru ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is a very knowledgeable physician who took her time and offered an integrative approach to my concerns. I feel very lucky in finding her and I will definitely recommend her services to anyone interested. Her approach is far superior than your regular physician visit. During the one hour visit I never felt rushed and she took the time to address all my concerns and to answer all my questions.Claudia BarrettClaudia Barrett ★★★★★ Dr G is deeply knowledgeable and a very kind doctor. I would have had to wait months for a rheumatologist to see me in Boston. Nobody feels comfortable waiting months for medical issues. I found her online, read her credentials (Harvard is one of them) and reached out for an online consult. The online consult proved to be more comprehensive than my first appointment (in person) in Boston. The best part is that I was able to get an hour long video consult appointment the next day. She ran some bloodwork that she thought was overlooked. I did it at my local Quest with her lab orders. Since then she has provided me with empowering feedback and medical management. She is one of the best doctors I have worked with and that says a lot given that I mostly see top doctors in Boston. Thank you Dr. G!Stephanie ChuStephanie Chu ★★★★★ I saw Dr Girnita at a different location. She is both incredibly competent and compassionate. She listened to my story, gave a diagnosis and then confirmed it with tests. She helped me navigate options to get to a better place. When I first saw her, I had been experiencing pain for months. She had both medication solutions and recommendations for lifestyle changes. She had great compassion for me as well while still covering a lot of the information I needed and answer questions. I highly recommend Dr. G!Steve HubertSteve Hubert ★★★★★ I was very impressed with Dr. Girnita. She was interested, motivated, knowledgeable, and most of all helpful. I have an informed plan to address my concerns. She is simply excellent!Amanda DeSetaAmanda DeSeta ★★★★★ Amazing and sympathetic Rheumatologist who is immediately available, strategic and committed to routing out the underlying auto-immune issues. Dr Girnita views the whole body - not just one symptom or one area of the body. She connects all the dots and is compassionate while doing so.irina sirina s ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita was patient and thorough in evaluating my test results and "debugging" my possible diagnosis. She is very honest and transparent with admin/pricing and prompt with messaging and scheduling. Highly recommended.Mel JohnsonMel Johnson ★★★★★ Dr. G is really an absolute blessing! She is not only a passionate and gifted rheumatologist, but she's also one of the few specialists who have realized that there are thousands of patients who live in small, rural locations and who have a really tuff time getting access to quality specialist without having to travel long distances! She has also set up her practice so she can actually spend lots of quality time with each patient during their visits and I just really hope that as her practice grows, that she can continue with this as it really is unique in this day and age! I can't say enough about my experience with Dr. Girnita and I would absolutely recommend her to all my family and friends!SchwartzSchwartz ★★★★★ I can’t say enough about Dr. Girnita! She is kind and attentive. She wants to hear your concerns, educate you and figure out a health game plan together. She is detailed in all she does and wants you to give her as much information as possible. She also wants you to learn and give you other tools to better your health. She is compassionate but also tells you truth so to help you improve your health. She has been a blessing to me!Charmaine MorrisonCharmaine Morrison ★★★★★ Dr. G was incredible. She listened to my health history and concerns thoroughly before offering her expertise and opinion. Her approach to health is wholistic as it encompasses all aspects of health including nutrition, sleep, meditation, exercise…I felt extremely comfortable sharing with her and appreciated her use of experience and knowledge. She was really able to connect with my apprehension for pharmaceutical therapy and eased my anxiety with personal experience and concrete data. She followed up with an email that contained referenced articles along with a phone call. She is an excellent human doing great work as a physician.BrendonBrendon ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is highly specialized and very much knows her stuff. Her empathy is top-rate, and she is by far and away the most responsive person I've ever dealt with in healthcare. She doesn't accept insurance, but it is definitely no-compromise care.Dolores MourasDolores Mouras ★★★★★ I found Dr. Girnita to be very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional Rheumatologist, a second opinionon their current medication or cannot obtain an appointment with a Rheumatologist for a few months. I regret not getting on medication as soon as I was diagnosed 30 years ago to stop the disease from progressing.Liliana StefanLiliana Stefan ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is not your typical doctor. She spends an entire hour with you, asking clarifying questions, going over your medical history to understand your medical issues and come up with a treatment plan that is highly customized for you. She spends time before the appointment as well as after to get to the root of your issues. Dr. Girnita’s focus is on getting your health back on track not on just addressing your symptoms. Her approach is integrative, and teaches her patients how to change their lifestyles to get healthy. Her focus is her patients. I had the privilege to meet Dr. Girnita recently, and I am so grateful to have her as my doctor. She had addressed all my concerns while looking for the root cause of my health issues. Getting an appointment is very easy and you never have to wait months to see her. I highly recommend her services to everyone who is looking to fix the cause of their issues, and not just a band-aid for their symptoms. Dr. Girnita is the doctor of the future.Chris HovelsonChris Hovelson ★★★★★ This doctor is absolutely wonderful! The local rheumatologist wouldn’t get me in for over three months and she got me in with almost no notice. she was very patient and answered all my questions and I can’t say enough good things about her.Mary GundyMary Gundy ★★★★★ One day, I received a call from my doctor and he told me that I had mixed connective tissue disorder and lupus. And then… He waited a month to see me. so I was left with unanswered questions and a worry unlike no other. How could I have lupus? I had no symptoms? What was MCTD exactly? Well…After getting diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder I did my research. I came across Dr. Girnita’s page while doing my research. After reading up on her, and everything she says, I made an appointment.Let me tell you something, having someone so personable, helpful and knowledgeable was exactly what I needed. She helped me understand and explained my test results. My anxiety level went from a 10 to a 0 after my appointment with her. Even my husband noticed a difference.Thank you Dr. Girnita for taking time to help me understand, review my results and talk to me as a person and not just a patient. I am forever grateful for you.-MaryFaniana SmithFaniana Smith ★★★★★ Wonderful experience with Dr Diana, she takes time the patient to help them with their health issues. Very easy to schedule an appointment and she answered all the questions that I had, you can have direct contact with her through the app and she explains in details all your lab results instead of just a quick call from the nurse as the other doctors do. Highly recommended.Nanette PhillipsNanette Phillips ★★★★★ Diana is exceptionally caring and will go out of her way to make sure you get the best care.M AM A ★★★★★ After getting a scary test result from a primary care doctor and was informed that it could take 6 months to a year before a local rheumatologist could see me, Dr. G was able to see me within a week and spent a lot of time examining me and addressing concerns raised by the test. Very professional and compassionate. All doctors should be this way.Jan WebbJan Webb ★★★★★ During a most difficult time while searching for a doctor who could help me is diagnosing my condition, Dr. Girnita came to my rescue. She immediately recognized what my condition was, and gave me the confidence in understanding my disease and the knowledge I needed in how to address my condition. Without her help I would probably still be in pain and still searching for help. I will always be grateful for her expertise, but more importantly, for her true compassion and empathy for others she displays when she interacts with her patients. Thank you Dr.Girnita for your continual support for all us in our time of need.Jessica McCainJessica McCain ★★★★★ Dr Girnita's confident and calm demeanor is very appreciated, she explains things so naturally and you can feel assured that all considerations are taken.Alejandro LucioAlejandro Lucio ★★★★★ Dr. Diana Girnita continues to exceed my expectations. She was the 2nd rheumatologist I worked with after receiving my diagnosis for an extremely rare autoimmune disease. From the first appointment she made me feel as though I was her most important patient. Her care and concern over the years has been valuable to me and my wife.When she moved from Ohio I was referred to another doctor. After a very short period of time I came to know even better how truly valuable Dr. Girnita is to all of her patients, but, especially, to me. I reached out to her to see if there was a way to continue our doctor/patient relationship from a distance. To my surprise, I found that she had been able to make arrangements so that we could continue our relationship.It's no exaggeration to say that Dr. Girnita has had a life-saving impact on our lives for which we will be forever grateful.You will not find a more caring, knowledgeable doctor who takes the time needed to care for you as if you're her only patient.Alexandra LynchAlexandra Lynch ★★★★★ For many years I was misdiagnosed and even led to believe I had lupus, Dr. Girnita properly diagnosed me with my many autoimmune disorders with a thorough blood panel giving results of hypothyroidism and sjogrens. I finally have answers! Thank you! With a long term future plan I expect to have a wonderful life!Felicity DaleFelicity Dale ★★★★★ I had a virtual appointment with Dr. Girnita a few months ago for a hip bursitis. She was very professional and knowledgeable and gave me good advice on how to deal with it. Her caring follow up though was exceptional! For months she continued to periodically contact me to see how I was doing.Matthew StadtmillerMatthew Stadtmiller ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita was so willing to help and so informative. She listened and explained things so well. I would highly recommend Dr. Girnita; her telemedicine services are such a welcome addition to my care, making things so easy!Sincerely - Jenny StadtmillerIrina MaderaIrina Madera ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita has significant teaching experience and has proven to be an excellent teacher and wonderful asset to the Rheumatology community. She is a multi-faceted woman that has inspired many to achieve meaningful careers in Rheumatology including myself. Her leadership role in developing increasing opportunities for the residents has developed new standards to Rheumatology applications and practice development. She is an excellent mentor and her development and reorganization has led to much more educationally based outpatient experience for trainees. I 100% recommend her in every level from a prior resident under her wing to the excellent rheumatologist that she is.Alexandra RosuAlexandra Rosu ★★★★★ I met Doctor Girnita for the first time two and a half years ago, during a vulnerable time. She listened and cared for me with a kind of professionalism and dedication I have never seen before. She helped with my diagnosis and necessary treatment. She is a pillar of support for me in times of need and I love her dearly!Oren GerstenOren Gersten ★★★★★ I've interacted with Dr. Girnita on numerous occasions. Always friendly, accessible and knowledgeable. I'd give six stars if I could!S BS B ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is a wonderful, compassionate, caring, very knowledgeable rheumatologist, that I am so happy to call our doctor! Stellar credentials, Stanford and Harvard graduate, she went above and beyond, for each of my four family members (my mom and dad, both in their 70s, my husband and myself, early 50s) that needed a rheumatology consultation for different issues: osteoarthritis of the hip, back pain, shoulder pain and foot pain.We all had telemedicine visits (we live in Los Angeles) in April and May (my husband and I, are doctors ourselves), it was a very easy process, from the video calls, to the reimbursements, scheduling the tests and follow up visits. Very transparent pricing, discounted lab visits, it was effortless from our part.Telemedicine visits were so in depth, lasting one hour for the initial consultation and about 40 minutes the subsequent visits. I never had a doctor spend so much time with me for a consultation, taking into account the every aspect of the medical history and every detail that might be important for the diagnosis.In addition to your rheumatology needs, I highly recommend Dr. Girnita for the nutrition and mindfulness consultation, she is an absolute goldmine of pertinent information.I am considering the sign up for membership, since everything I need is part of the all inclusive, reasonable, monthly cost, and one enrollment fee.Thank you Dr. Girnita, you are an amazing Doctor, so dedicated to the well-being of all your patients!Michel AccadMichel Accad ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is an outstanding rheumatologist. Her superb credentials and keen clinical skills are matched by her full dedication to her patients. I recommend her wholeheartedly.Laharika PochampalliLaharika Pochampalli ★★★★★ Dr. Grinita is amazing. She is very friendly, empathetic and a very good listener. I haven’t had very good experience from my previous doctors as all were only concerned about healing me peripherally without worrying about the root cause. But Dr.Grinita spent a good amount of time trying to understand the symptoms and figure out the root cause. She is a thorough professional with extensive experience. All in all, she is wonderful and I highly recommend her.Stefania MagidsonStefania Magidson ★★★★★ I discovered telemedicine in May 2020, when I had a video consultation with Dr Girnita. What a revelation that was! To be able to choose from top specialists from other states and have a 45 min, uninterrupted session focused on my issue (osteoarthritis) from the comfort of my home. Dr Girnita is warm and personable and is incredibly knowledgeable and up to date with the latest research in her field. What won me over was that she really listened to me and the fact that she practices INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE -that holistic approach that takes into consideration not just he body, but also the lifestyle, the mind and soul of the patient. Dr. Girnita is truly committed to promoting deep healing and well-being.Marina Magdalena FlorescuMarina Magdalena Florescu ★★★★★ I was 31 when I was finally diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. I am currently 45 years old and on biologics. Managing this disease still feels like a full time job, especially during a pandemic.Fortunately, I have Dr. Girnita by my side, always there to inform me about the latest studies and to advise me on the best treatment course.Bogdan PenceaBogdan Pencea ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita has treated me for gout and psoriatic arthritis for the last two years. She is always up to date with the treatment and has given me the best options for my case. She has convinced me to start antiinflammatory diet and now I feel so much better. I highly recommend her.Raluca DaladimosRaluca Daladimos ★★★★★ I am grateful to Dr. Diana Garnita for curing me from rheumatoid arthitis, and now i can finally walk without being in pain every time I stand up.Thank you!Ana RadulescuAna Radulescu ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is a very compassionate and knowledgable doctor who puts emphasis on treating the patient with the disease, not only the disease itself. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthiritis and i was reliefed to have her as my doctor throughout my journey. I was very glad to see the integrative approach towards disease, from useful suggestions regarding lifestyle changes which had a huge impact for me to up to date and personalized medical treatment, according to my own needs. I would highly recommend her!Ana RadulescuAna Radulescu ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is a very compassionate and knowledgable doctor who puts emphasis on treating the patient with the disease, not only the disease itself. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthiritis and i was reliefed to have her as my doctor and also almost as a companion throughout my journey. I was very glad to see the integrative approach towards disease, from suggestions regarding lifestyle changes to up to date and personalized medical treatment, according to my own needs. I would highly recommend her!Oana DOana D ★★★★★ I've been dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome for a while due to my work. Dr Girnita helped me and now I am finally pain free. I feel very blessed and I am grateful I came across such a caring doctor, knowledgeable, attentive informative, kind, always taking time to listen and highly supportive. I feel so well cared for, Thank you Dr Girnita.I highly recomend Dr Diana Girnita and her practice, Rheumatologist OnCall.Aurelia DolhescuAurelia Dolhescu ★★★★★ I met Dr. Girnita a few years ago looking for a rheumatologist for my autoimmune disease. She was so personable and professional and helped me tremendously. She was kind and always there when I needed her. I highly recommend her to all my friends and family!Jess @ WanderlustPTsJess @ WanderlustPTs ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is a gold- standard physician. She is what all healthcare professionals should aspire to be like. She ALWAYS puts her patients’ needs first and makes herself available to them. She is one of the best in her field, staying current on research and teaching her peers and colleagues. She has a vision that makes the world a better place by helping one patient at a time and making healthcare more accessible. I am honored to collaborate with her and call her my colleague. ~ Dr. Jess Jenney, PT, DPTLinda HessLinda Hess ★★★★★ I had my first appointment with Dr. Girnita today — I don’t know where to start. She is one in a million!!!!She returns calls promptly, doesn’t rush you, listens with concern, interest, and compassion, is very knowledgeable, treats the total patient, provides valuable info about your diagnosis, treatment, diet, and offers an education site for her patients because she cares. I feel so blessed having found her. All the patient reviews I read prior to my appointment are spot on and truer than true.Kathryn BeiserKathryn Beiser ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita has been kind, professional, caring and efficient from day one. She goes above and beyond the standard level of care. She is very responsive to any questions I may have. Dr. Girnita is very thorough, yet does so in a timely fashion. She is upfront and honest, which is very much appreciated. She is intelligent, level-headed and an all around good person.Ricky HillardRicky Hillard ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita was very thorough. Her knowledge of rheumatology is very strong. I would recommend Dr Girnita to anyone suffering with arthritis.Eileen and JoséEileen and José ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is personable and really took the time to make sure I understood everything she was explaining. From our first virtual meeting, she has been thorough with follow up, and quick to respond with any questions that I had. 10/10 would recommend!Bob Rosenberg, aka StanfordWebbieBob Rosenberg, aka StanfordWebbie ★★★★★ I went to see Dr. Girnita after suffering from pain for 2 months anytime I moved any part of my body. After some blood tests, she told me that, "No matter what it is, we can handle it". I went home from that visit feeling very encouraged - for the first time in 60 days. She prescribed a medicine that eliminated all my pain in just one day. After a couple of weeks, she had me start reducing the dosage of that medicine. When a small amount of the pain returned, she moved me to a less powerful medicine. Throughout the entire process and 3 visits, she kept me wonderfully informed on what was going on, what the meds she was prescribing would do as well as any side effects, and answered all my questions in an easy to understand manner. I recommend Dr. Girnita highly. She solved a pain issue worse than any I've ever had.Nancy AgaibyNancy Agaiby ★★★★★ She is warm and caring and knows what I will ask even before I ask. She is just wonderful!Negin GaminiNegin Gamini ★★★★★ Dr.Girnita is one a kind! She is absolutely a caring, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and last but not least an intelligent and dedicated doctor. I was really happy with her. Glad that I met her!Cody NCody N ★★★★★ Doctor Girnita was very knowledgeable and took the time to address all the questions and concerns I have. I felt that she cared and did everything she could to help and explain the symptoms and medical problems that I have. I highly recommend her!Luis Gerald LoraLuis Gerald Lora ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is not only the best rheumatologist but the best doctor you’ll ever have.Stacey PiperStacey Piper ★★★★★ Today I got some AMAZING and heartbreaking news.... my Rheumatologist checkup was today and going in I already knew my blood work was good... But actually having my doctor tell me that all is well gives me so much more. Her words.. her tone... Her care... Her concern.. her continued vow that she will help me no matter what... Is her true POWER! She has helped me fight my hardest battle with my crazy unexpected autoimmune disease. She has gotten me to my stage of remission and I am forever greatful. She treated me like she would her own family... I was more than a patient to her... And she let me feel and know that. Today in my appt she told me she will no longer be with tri-health. Her husband got offered a job in another state and she will be moving. I'm overwhelmed with sadness and loss. She was and still is the doctor who saved my life and got me on a treatment plan that worked for me. This is the second time I have lost a world renowned Rheumatologist. My disease when first discovered in 2007... The doc was at a loss for what was going on. Research and knowledge of Vasculitis has GREATLY improved since I was originally diagnosed.. but in the interim I lost my first doctor. I was referred to Dr. Girnita and she was highly recommend that she would be the best for my care... And she is. I was worried getting new new doctor after being in remission for almost 9 years... But WOW... I was blessed. She has been nothing but exceptional and most of all concerned about what's best for me. I told her in EVERY single visit I had with her that I am very lucky to have her as my doctor..because she saved my life. In closing... Today me and her shed a tear together (well kinda...she told me not to cry because it would make her cry)... for the fact I am again in remission but also because she is a HUGE key in my life. I am going to miss her and I am beyond greatful for her being a part of my life... Not sure how I'm going to get by without her❤️❤️❤️. #lovemydoctor #vasculitissucksJacqueline ErnestJacqueline Ernest ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita has great expertise in her field and I feel very confident when speaking with her. She is very knowledgeable and actually listens to me as a patient. I have recommended her to all of my family and friends!Suzanne WudkeSuzanne Wudke ★★★★★ Dr.Girnita is the absolute best! Clinically she cannot be outdone. Her kindness, personal attention and wholistic approach make her the whole package. You will not find better care anywhere and with telemedicine, now location is no longer a barrier to care. I feel absolutely blessed to be able to continue receiving her care out of state.Roxana WasnickRoxana Wasnick ★★★★★ Mohamed MorsyMohamed Morsy ★★★★★ Maria CrisanMaria Crisan ★★★★★ Dr Girnita is one of the healthcare professionals that put patients needs on first place. She's an exceptional listener and will find you the best treatment and disease management available. Not only exceptionally trained but an incredible well rounded physician.Kathy PickettKathy Pickett ★★★★★ Dr Girnita was the first of 3 rheumatologist to actually spend time with me, learning about my symptoms, learning about my concerns, actually listening to me. After only 3 visits she had the tests and answers to diagnose me with Psoriatic Arthritis and start a treatment plan that has ended up putting me back on a path of a normal life without constant pain. When she left her practice in my hometown, she left me in good hands with a very capable fellow Rheumatologist. But she didn’t stop at that, she contacted me over the next few months to personally make sure that I was being taken care of. She spent over an hour texting with me on several occasions providing nutritional and lifestyle advice. Over the time that I have know Dr. Girnita, I can say she takes a very personal interest in every one of her patients. She continues her education to be a better doctor and she has truly become someone I consider a friend. Dr Girnita is truly a one of a kind doctor, that truly is in the field of health for her patient wellbeing and not just for the paycheck. I wish there were more like her today! Thank you for being my friend and Doctor!Kathy PickettKat LindleyKat Lindley ★★★★★ Wonderful physician, attentive, listens and empathizes all while delivering first class care.Robin JosefczykRobin Josefczyk ★★★★★ There are not enough wonderful words to describe Dr. Girnita! She has set the bar for the physician of the twenty-first century. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and an excellent listener. Her patients' concerns are valued and questions are taken seriously. She cares about the whole person and the myriad of factors that influence a person's health and wellness. During this past year, she has worked tirelessly to uncover the mystery of my recent symptoms. She responds to my concerns the same day; she has referred me to like-minded colleagues; and she has given me helpful action -steps along the way. I can't imagine this past year without her support, experience, and friendship.Katy VanDeanKaty VanDean ★★★★★ The quality of patient care that I have received from Dr. Girnita is incomparable. She has helped me to restore a good quality of life and renewed my faith in medical practice. She is quite literally the best doctor I have known. With a vast wealth of knowledge and high level of expertise paired with great dignity and respect for others, anyone in her care is truly blessed. She has a genuine sense of care and compassion. My patient evaluations are very thorough and fully encompassing to all aspects of my health and well being. Watching her work, for me as a patient, has been fascinating. She is extremely intelligent and confident, but (very importantly) not arrogant. She actively listens to every word I speak and lets nothing slip by without consideration. She has always been available for me and quick to respond. The quality of Dr. Girnita’s character is impeccable and her skill level is comparable to very few. She is the pinnacle of the medical profession and all doctors should aspire to replicate her standard of care. If you are fortunate enough to come under the care of Dr. Girnita, you will never want for another.Sharon HeidtSharon Heidt ★★★★★ It is my experience that Dr Girnita is not just an excellent doctor but is also very personable and compassionate. I first saw her as a patient 4-1/2 yrs ago when I experienced an immediate onset of rheumatoid arthritis. I like to say she saved my life. She went into action right away and in a very short time my symptoms were minimized. She phoned me 3 days after my initial visit just to see how I was doing. In addition to improving the arthritis she prescribed medication which greatly improved my osteoporosis. I was so sad when Dr Girnita moved her practice to California. I miss her very much but she has been so kind to take time from her busy schedule to answer emails and even call me even though I’m no longer a patient. That shows how caring she is. I highly recommend Dr Girnita to anyone who is looking for a rheumatologist who goes above and beyond for the welfare of their patient.Oana HegedusOana Hegedus ★★★★★ Recently I sent one of my client to Dr. Girnita as she was suffering from some rheumatological disease that none of the doctors she has seen were considering as a problem. A 41 year old woman cannot pinch isn't a problem? Dr. Girnita made time asap to e-see her, yes as my client lives afar from where the dr is situated. They had a video call, my client sent her all the x-rays she had and Dr. Girnita figured out what it is. Not only she recommended a few medications, but a few natural remedies as well.My client was extremely satisfied and as a health coach I can assure you that I wouldn't recommend anyone another reumathologist than Dr. Garnita.She is kind, friendly, accomodating and last but not least a dedicated doctor!Thank you Dr. Girnita!LucaLuca ★★★★★ Jennifer AllenJennifer Allen ★★★★★ I was having some challenging symptoms and needed the advice of a rheumatologist. Dr. Girnita responded quickly and put me at ease. I’m grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone.Dr. Jennifer Allen, MDRachael Holliday and Lindsay Moore-OstbyRachael Holliday and Lindsay Moore-Ostby ★★★★★ We have been so pleased with Dr. Girnita. She has become a trusted resource for assistance with our patients who have rheumatologist concerns. Her educational webinars for rheumatology info for physicians have also been very helpful and are much appreciated.Mark MutoMark Muto ★★★★★ The other day I had the pleasure of a telemedicine visit with Dr. Girnita. Normally, when referring to a doctor visit the word "pleasure" does not immediately come to mind. However, in this case that term is perfect. Dr. Girnita took a long time to carefully listen to my history and symptoms. In one interaction I felt that she understood my case much better than physicians who have known me for years. She is very polite and patient, but does not waste time getting to the heart of the matter. In one day she had summarized the visit and provided logical and easy to follow recommendations. In more than 20 years of speaking with doctors about my condition this is the first time I have information I can really use. I recommend her very highly and without any hesitation. She is what medicine used to be and could be again!Aisha ThomasAisha Thomas ★★★★★ elena predescuelena predescu ★★★★★ Dr. Girnita is more than a professional, she is a great listener, showing genuine interest in what I have to say, making me feel important and well taken care of.NicoleNicole ★★★★★ Sue EspelageSue Espelage ★★★★★ I always receive excellent care. My concerns are always addressed. I am very happy with Dr. Girnita and her staff.nicole douglasnicole douglas ★★★★★ js_loader