How Rheumatologist OnCall Works

The care you need, when you need it.

This is how healthcare should work

Have you struggled to get a diagnosis or treatment for your rheumatic or autoimmune condition, while your insurer dictated which doctors you could see, how often you could see them, and which treatments you were allowed to have?

That never happens here. 

Here, you’re in charge of your health.

You receive care directly from Dr. Girnita. You pay our practice directly for your care.

Together, we make informed decisions about your treatment. 

No gatekeepers, no middlemen, no insurance companies.

No waits. No prior authorization. No denials. 

No deductibles. No copayments. 

No surprise bills.


Our direct-care/direct-pay model provides:

Telehealth & in-person visits

In-person in Irvine, CA or telehealth for any AZ, CA, FL, IN, KY, MT, OH, TX resident

Fast, convenient access

Prompt appointments + 24/7 phone, email & text access to Dr. Girnita

Conversation between doctor & patient
In-depth consultation

Relaxed conversations that answer all your questions, without time pressure

piggy bank
Lab, imaging & prescription savings

Low-cost labs & MRI, CT, X-rays + local discount prescription locator service

Integrative care

Dr. Girnita's 8-week online lifestyle program for inflammatory arthritis & autoimmune conditions

Simple, affordable direct-pay prices

You pay our practice directly for your care—no insurance headaches

How it works

Every patient has access to our secure and HIPAA-compliant Elation platform, which lets you:

  • Contact Dr. Girnita directly via secure email
  • Upload medical records, photos or other documents
  • Schedule in-person or telehealth appointments yourself
  • Directly access your complete lab, imaging, and medication details online

We help you save on healthcare costs.

Lower costs mean that our fees are typically lower than your insurance plan’s deductibles and copays.

Since you pay us directly, we don’t have to pay staff to file claims and  follow up on reimbursements. 

Instead of fighting your insurance company, we spend our time on what matters: your medical care.

We also save you money by contracting directly with clinical labs and imaging centers. Of course, you’re always free to arrange for labs and imaging through your regular insurance or pay for them with cash or your HSA/FSA if that works better for you. 

And if your regular medical insurance includes out-of-network benefits, we’re happy to provide a detailed statement (“superbill”) so you can file a reimbursement claim for your treatment here.

Our PracticeOther Practices
Less than a weekWait for an appointmentMonths
60 uninterrupted minutesLength of appointment15-20 minutes
Within a business dayUrgent non-emergency access to doctorNo
YesEmail, text & phone access to doctorNo
YesCare coordination with your other doctorsNo
YesAvailable to uninsured patientsNo
YesSimple, transparent pricesNo
YesLow-cost lab & imaging servicesNo

Simple & transparent pricing

Monthly Membership

Best for people with a complex diagnosis or significant ongoing treatment needs

Per-Visit Fees

Best for occasional treatment needs or verification of an autoimmune or rheumatological diagnosis

Frequently-Asked Questions


We don’t participate in any insurance plans. Our patients pay us directly for all of the diagnostic and treatment services they receive.

If you have an HSA/FSA, check with your employer and tax advisor to determine whether your monthly membership fee can be reimbursed via your HSA/FSA account.

Labs & Imaging

Our membership includes standard labs and access to low-cost imaging and discounted prescription resources. This usually means you pay less than your health plan charges.

However, you’re always free to get labs, imaging and prescriptions through your health plan if you prefer.

If you have out-of-network benefits, we’re happy to provide a detailed statement (“superbill”) that you can submit for reimbursement. You’re also free to pay for these services with cash or your HSA/FSA if that works better for you.  

We have no control over possible reimbursement and cannot predict whether your plan will reimburse you or not.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that patients continue their regular medical insurance. It includes many important benefits like emergency room access, access to other providers, pharmacy benefits, and hospitalization benefits.

We strongly recommend that patients continue their regular medical insurance. It includes many important benefits like emergency room access, access to other providers, pharmacy benefits, and hospitalization benefits.

Dr. Girnita is opted out of Medicare and Medicaid programs. You will not be able to submit or receive reimbursement from  Medicare or Medicaid for serrvices provided by Rheumatologist OnCall.

Dr. Girnita is a strong advocate of affordable healthcare and transparent pricing. Our direct-care/direct-pay model provides great access to expert rheumatology for everyone regardless of their insurance status.

You will never be blindsided by a bill, and we also offer low-cost imaging, labs and prescription resources.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that patients continue their regular medical insurance. It includes many important benefits like emergency room access, access to other providers, pharmacy benefits, and hospitalization benefits.

Membership & Fees

After your initial consultation, you & Dr. Girnita will decide together whether our practice is a good fit for you. If you become our patient, a three-month membership is required. 

Your initial consultation fee will be credited against your membership fee.

This commitment allows enough time for Dr. Girnita to:

  • Thoroughly understand your health history and quality of life priorities
  • Order and review labs and imaging
  • Make a thorough diagnosis
  • Start your initial treatment
  • Follow up on your response to treatment
  • Adjust your treatment as needed
After three months, your membership is month-to-month and can be canceled at any time with 30 days notice.

Dr. Girnita offers your choice of in-person visits at our Irvine, CA office, or video telehealth visits for patients in our 8-state service area which includes Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas.

Phone consultations are available only to participants in our membership plan.

After your initial consultation, you can become our patient via a membership plan or per-visit fees. 

Membership is best suited for people with complex diagnosis or treatment needs who benefit from ongoing care and rapid access to Dr. Girnita.

Per-visit fees are often best if:

  • You only need 1-2 consultations to clarify your autoimmune or rheumatological diagnosis—for example, a positive ANA test or elevated inflammation markers
  • You need only occasional rheumatological care—for example, gout attacks.

Our direct-care/direct-pay model requires none of the bureaucracy required to file insurance claims and follow up on  reimbursements. Since we pay less, you pay less.

We also contract directly with clinical labs and imaging centers. Cutting out the middleman means lower costs for you.

Medical Care

Our patients generally consider Dr. Girnita to be their primary rheumatologist. In addition, they continue to see their in-network family doctor, primary care physician, internist, ob-gyn, etc., as they normally would.

Your records are completely confidential and we will never share them without your permission.

We do encourage you to share treatment information with your primary care doctor to ensure continuity of care, and are happy to fax them your visit notes at your request.

If you wish, Dr. Girnita will also speak with your healthcare team to explain your diagnosis and help make sure that your treatment is as effective as possible. This includes discussing possible drug interactions related to any other medications you may be taking.

Yes, Dr. Girnita will write required prescriptions at the end of your initial consultation or follow-up visit. No medications are prescribed for second-opinion consultations.

NOTE: Our practice does not prescribe narcotics, neurologic medications, or medical marijuana.

We provide discounted prescription resources. However, you’re free to refill your prescriptions through your health insurance if you prefer. Dr. Girnita can complete preauthorization forms and speak to your insurance company if needed.

Dr. Girnita has worked with a physical therapist to create an online physical therapy program specifically for people with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. This program is included in our membership and is available to non-members for a fee.

For most patients, this meets their needs. If you and I feel that one-on-one physical therapy would be helpful, you can access physical therapy services available through your health insurance or I can refer you to a physical therapist in your area.

Dr. Girnita can order labs and imaging studies when needed. Lab and imaging orders are placed only during your visit.

If your labs or imaging reveal something urgent, Dr. Girnita will call you as soon as she reviews the results. Otherwise, she’ll review results in detail with you during your next appointment amd answer all your questions. We generally don’t email results, to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Our membership plan includes common labs at no extra charge plus access to low-cost imaging services. You’re also free to get lab and imaging services through your regular health insurance.


You’ll use your regular insurance for emergency room visits, hospitalizations including surgery, and visits with other specialists. These services are not provided by Rheumatology OnCall.