Do you suffer in pain? Are you tired of waiting for months or traveling hundreds of miles to see a rheumatologist?

We have a solution. Rheumatologist Oncall was founded by a world class autoimmune and arthritis physician expert with the goal to offer personalized & compassionate care to patients in multiple US states. When you need it the most! We have removed the “middle men” and work directly for you, not insurance companies.


Evaluation & Treatment


Nutrition Classes, Physical Therapy, Stress management


Acute or Long term


Rheumatologist OnCall is an innovative telemedicine company, which offers…

  • Constant access to a rheumatologist
  • Relaxed, long appointments
  • Integrative medicine
  • Personalized care
  • Affordable, transparent pricing


Learn more about how Rheumatologist OnCall revolutionizes your healthcare experience and how it compares to traditional services.



We live in a world where technology is at our fingertips. You use your phone, tablet, or computer to do banking, shopping, entertainment, and now, you can even access your doctor. 

Telemedicine, or the diagnosis and treatment of patients via telecommunication, is the future in medical care because of its many advantages.

Access to TOP specialist


Short waiting times


Dr. Diana Girnita has extensive training in world-renowned institutions, including Harvard University, University of Pittsburgh, University of Cincinnati, and Stanford University. Her unique medical background includes cardiology, immunology, internal medicine, and rheumatology. She gives her patients a unique and personalized evaluation based on the most cutting-edge science and integrative medicine.


Excellent medical care starts with trust, time and access to a physician. We offer extended visit times (up to an hour per visit) and direct communication with your physician via email, text, or call. As such, Dr. Girnita is able to develop a relationship with her patients and help personalize each treatment plan. Why? Because everyone is unique, and so should your healthcare.


Using Rheumatologist OnCall means constant access to a specialist. Patients are seen in less than one week and urgent appointments can be scheduled for the same or even the next day. Also, using online visits means you can consult the specialist from the comfort of your home without wasting time in waiting rooms. Because of this, we take care of your health when you need it the most.


You deserve to know the price of your medical care. Rheumatologist OnCall values price transparency, and it is one of the goals we designed our practice to achieve. We will always provide upfront pricing for all our services. These include consultations, imaging, and laboratory services. Our members have no co-payments, no co-insurance, and no surprise bills, allowing you to receive the care you deserve for the price you know and approve of. 


We offer all the conveniences of a major hospital at a fraction of the price. How? Our several membership plans. A low monthly fee covers appointments and discounted specialized and routine laboratory or imaging services. Moreover, they include access to online educational lectures on nutrition, physical therapy exercises, and ongoing educational lectures to broaden your understanding of arthritis and autoimmune diseases. You deserve to be treated and know about your disease for an affordable price.



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Parker Gunn
Parker Gunn
Absolutely a great doctor. She listens to your concerns and find out the best way to deal with your issues. I highly recommend.
Stephanie Chu
Stephanie Chu
I saw Dr Girnita at a different location. She is both incredibly competent and compassionate. She listened to my story, gave a diagnosis and then confirmed it with tests. She helped me navigate options to get to a better place. When I first saw her, I had been experiencing pain for months. She had both medication solutions and recommendations for lifestyle changes. She had great compassion for me as well while still covering a lot of the information I needed and answer questions. I highly recommend Dr. G!
Steve Hubert
Steve Hubert
I was very impressed with Dr. Girnita. She was interested, motivated, knowledgeable, and most of all helpful. I have an informed plan to address my concerns. She is simply excellent!
Amanda DeSeta
Amanda DeSeta
Amazing and sympathetic Rheumatologist who is immediately available, strategic and committed to routing out the underlying auto-immune issues. Dr Girnita views the whole body – not just one symptom or one area of the body. She connects all the dots and is compassionate while doing so.
irina s
irina s
Dr. Girnita was patient and thorough in evaluating my test results and “debugging” my possible diagnosis. She is very honest and transparent with admin/pricing and prompt with messaging and scheduling. Highly recommended.
Mel Johnson
Mel Johnson
Dr. G is really an absolute blessing! She is not only a passionate and gifted rheumatologist, but she’s also one of the few specialists who have realized that there are thousands of patients who live in small, rural locations and who have a really tuff time getting access to quality specialist without having to travel long distances! She has also set up her practice so she can actually spend lots of quality time with each patient during their visits and I just really hope that as her practice grows, that she can continue with this as it really is unique in this day and age! I can’t say enough about my experience with Dr. Girnita and I would absolutely recommend her to all my family and friends!
I can’t say enough about Dr. Girnita! She is kind and attentive. She wants to hear your concerns, educate you and figure out a health game plan together. She is detailed in all she does and wants you to give her as much information as possible. She also wants you to learn and give you other tools to better your health. She is compassionate but also tells you truth so to help you improve your health. She has been a blessing to me!
Charmaine Morrison
Charmaine Morrison
Dr. G was incredible. She listened to my health history and concerns thoroughly before offering her expertise and opinion. Her approach to health is wholistic as it encompasses all aspects of health including nutrition, sleep, meditation, exercise…I felt extremely comfortable sharing with her and appreciated her use of experience and knowledge. She was really able to connect with my apprehension for pharmaceutical therapy and eased my anxiety with personal experience and concrete data. She followed up with an email that contained referenced articles along with a phone call. She is an excellent human doing great work as a physician.
Dr. Girnita is highly specialized and very much knows her stuff. Her empathy is top-rate, and she is by far and away the most responsive person I’ve ever dealt with in healthcare. She doesn’t accept insurance, but it is definitely no-compromise care.
Dolores Mouras
Dolores Mouras
I found Dr. Girnita to be very knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional Rheumatologist, a second opinion on their current medication or cannot obtain an appointment with a Rheumatologist for a few months. I regret not getting on medication as soon as I was diagnosed 30 years ago to stop the disease from progressing.

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