Peer-to-Peer Consultations

Many autoimmune and rheumatic diseases share common signs and symptoms which can complicate and delay diagnosis and treatment. Certain lab results can indicate the possible presence of disease but are not conclusive until other tests are performed. For example, a positive ANA test suggests lupus, but may actually signal any of several diseases. 

Time is of the essence, because many autoimmune disease quickly lead to irreversible damage if not promptly diagnosed and treated.

Yet many patients can be managed by their primary care physician and do not need specialty care once their diagnosis is authoritatively confirmed. 

Dr. Girnita specializes in autoimmune diseases within rheumatology and is available to consult on diagnostic test interpretation and treatment. 

Peer to peer consultations can be helpful when:

Peer to peer consultation: what to expect

We request that you provide our office with all available medical records, including lab results, imaging, medication history and discharge reports.

Dr. Girnita will then:

Fee Schedule

30-minute brief peer-to-peer consultation: $140

60-minute extended peer-to-peer consultation: $260