Treatment Philosophy

Every patient's experience is unique

Rheumatic, autoimmune, and inflammatory diseases all involve a hyperactive immune system that attacks healthy joints, muscles, bones, and organs instead of fighting off bacteria, viruses, or other actual threats. 

These conditions affect all ages, and in most cases it’s impossible to pin down the exact cause. However, we know that genetics, environment, the Western diet, lifestyle, and stress appear to play significant roles in determining each patient’s unique experience and clinical findings.

Common Autoimmune Triggers

In the last 30 years, the number of people with autoimmune diseases has increased dramatically, likely due to the following factors:


Inherited predisposition to immune system dysfunction & chronic inflammation


Exposure to cigarette smoke, pesticides, solvents, certain microbes, certain drugs & more


High-fat, high-sugar and highly-processed foods linked to inflammation and autoimmune risk


Sedentary lifestyles & weight gain linked to chronic inflammation and autoimmune disease


Chronic stress & sleep deficits linked to increased cortisol & more inflammation

Our whole-person treatment philosophy

A comprehensive approach to improve pain, increase mobility and reduce inflammatory triggers that worsen rheumatic and autoimmune diseases.


Carefully monitored DMARDs, biologics, steroids, NSAIDs & other meds

Physical Activity

Dr. Girnita's physical therapy & exercise program specifically for inflammatory arthritis & related conditions

Lifestyle Medicine

1:1 consultation and online self-care coaching classes including nutrition & stress management

While visible symptoms may mainly affect a single area—like hand and wrist pain and stiffness—massive inflammation from the underlying disease usually affects your entire body.

This is why the whole-person approach is the best-in-class treatment model for rheumatic and autoimmune diseases.

It integrates multiple therapies that:

  • minimize triggers that worsen symptoms or cause flare-ups
  • slow or halt disease progression
  • reduce inflammation
  • prevent or reduce pain and immobility

Treatment usually begins with personalized prescription drug therapy. Then, as quickly as possible, we tailor lifestyle medicine therapies to your specific needs to calm flare-ups and improve your quality of life.

Over time, this approach helps reduce or eliminate the need for medication while minimizing pain and other symptoms, and slowing or halting disease progression.