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How to Find The Best Rheumatologist Online?

Where do you search a rheumatologist first?

If you are a patient referred to a rheumatologist, I am sure that you will start your search online. You will most like go to google and type best rheumatologist near me. You will find a few names, at least, and then you will start making phone calls. Unfortunately, very soon, you will realize that many will not be able to see you for at least 4 to 6 months , or they do not take your insurance. If you live in a rural area, you might not have a specialist over many hundred miles radius.

Is there a shortage of rheumatologists across the United States?

Remember, about 91 million people with joint pain, and 23 million people with autoimmune diseases need help in the US. There are only 5000 adult rheumatologists available to see patients, many of these practicing part-time. Four to six month of waiting time is quite long for someone in pain or  with an autoimmune disease. At times, it may cost people lives. Then, stress, anxiety, and frustration will increase.

What are the options if a local rheumatologist cannot see you?

Fortunately, more and more people became familiar with online visits. Therefore, you will continue your google search with rheumatologist online or the best rheumatologist online.

Although many telemedicine companies like Teladoc or Amwell advertise online visits, they do not incorporate specialist services. They will treat your cough or sinusitis but not your rheumatoid arthritis or lupus flare-up. You will most likely encounter the same issue: limited access when you need it.

What are patients saying about using online rheumatology services?

Here is a true story about a patient that needed rheumatology evaluation. She lived in a city with theoretical access to top medical centers, yet she could not receive an appointment when in need. She eventually found help via an online consultation with a top rheumatology expert. Read her story. 

Dr. Diana Girnita opened a specialized rheumatology clinic that offers access when needed and provides many additional benefits.

Advantages of accessing doctor online

Rheumatologist OnCall is a telemedicine company that broadens access to rheumatology services. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or the rural areas; your access to a top expert rheumatologist is not limited by your location, time, or insurance. Dr. Girnita is an independent physician and works directly for patients. You’ll be able to use your out-of-network insurance benefits. We have fixed fees, the same for all patients. We’ll provide you with a completed claim form for your insurance, and they’ll pay you directly based on your plan. We will always tell you how much your visit will cost before we provide any services, so you’ll never get an unexpected bill from our office. Other services such as lab and imaging can still be done at in-network facilities to maximize your benefits. We’ve also worked out significant discounts for cash prices with local facilities for these services.

Your life is the most precious, your time is valuable, and your medical problems can’t wait until your insurance approves it, or your local rheumatologist will schedule you.

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