In-house Specialists

Meet Our In-House Specialists

Jack Hughes, MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health

Jackie Hughes, Integrative and Functional Nutritionist.

She specializes in digestive health and the brain-gut connection, coupled with food sensitivities and immune support. Her functional and integrative approach values evidence-based treatment that seeks root causes over symptoms, while providing a personalized, ‘food-first’ approach to therapeutic support.

She received her MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. Much of her professional background prior to nutrition has also been focused in counseling roles that involved helping others identify their goals and optimal paths forward.

Functional – ‘Root Cause’ emphasis and preventative, holistic care.

Integrative – Collaborative with other practitioners. Explores the integration of lifestyle factors (such as sleep, stress, toxins), and integration of the body’s systems (ex. digestive, immune, endocrine).