How to Find a Cash Pay Doctor

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If you’re tired of dealing with insurance policies and want a more personalized approach to healthcare, direct primary care (DPC) and direct specialty care (DSC) may be what you’re looking for. These models of care involve paying a fee for service or a membership fee to gain access to personalized medical attention without the constraints of insurance policies. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss how to find a cash pay doctor and explore the benefits of DPC and DSC.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care and Direct Specialty Care

One of the primary benefits of DPC and DSC is the personalized care you receive. Unlike traditional healthcare settings where you’re often rushed through appointments, DPC and DSC practices allow more time with the doctor by paying cash for doctor visits

This means you can discuss your health concerns in depth, and your cash pay doctor has the time to listen and provide the best possible care.

Another benefit of DPC and DSC is the accessibility of care. In these models, you can access your cash pay doctor via email or phone, so you can get the care you need when needed.$

You don’t have to worry about scheduling an appointment or waiting days to see your doctor.  DPC and DSC practices are also known for transparent pricing, so you won’t be hit with surprise bills or hidden fees.

paying cash for doctor visits
Various benefits of DPC and DSC

How to Find a Cash Pay Doctor

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of DPC and DSC, you may be wondering how to find a cash pay doctor. Here are a few ways to get started:

Check online directories:

Websites like DPC Frontier and DSC Alliance have directories of doctors who offer DPC and DSC services. You can search by specialty and location to find a doctor who meets your needs by paying cash for doctor visits.

Ask for recommendations:

Are you seeking a cash pay doctor near me? Contact friends and family members who have used a DPC or DSC doctor. They can provide valuable insights and recommendations for this type of cash pay doctor.

Consider the costs:

While the cost of DPC and DSC practices may initially seem high, the benefits often outweigh the cost.

With personalized care, you can save money by avoiding unnecessary tests, medications, and procedures. DPC and DSC practices often provide discounts for services or memberships, making them more affordable than traditional insurance plans.

One of the first DSC practices in the US is Rheumatologist OnCall, which offers direct specialty care to patients with rheumatic and autoimmune diseases.

We accept payments by paying cash for doctor visits, providing personalized care, transparent pricing, and accessibility via phone and email.

cash pay doctor near me
Consider the cost for DPC and DSC


If you are looking for a cash pay doctor near me, then finding a cash pay doctor may seem daunting, but DPC and DSC practices offer accessible and personalized care. 

You can find a doctor who accepts paying cash for doctor visits by searching online, asking for recommendations, and checking with local medical societies. 

Remember to evaluate the costs and benefits of DPC and DSC practices before deciding. With these models of care, you can receive quality medical attention without the constraints of insurance policies. If you want to learn more about cash pay doctors and how they work, you must view this blog.


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