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In these highlighted interviews, Dr. Girnita shares her perspectives on rheumatology, patient care and self-care, and why people with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases typically require more than the typical 15-minute patient consult covered by most insurance plans.

How Dr. Girnita transitioned into her rheumatology specialty practice, plus the importance of understanding autoimmune diseases and their connection with the cardiovascular system and the impact of inflammation on the heart and the whole body.

Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis and How To Treat It, with Dr. Diana Girnita

Why does Psoriatic Arthritis often get misdiagnosed or left untreated? Please welcome back Dr. Diana Girnita from Rheumatologist OnCall® on Health Solutions with Shawn and Janet Needham to train your eye for symptoms of this chronic disease.

How New Practice Models Address the Rheumatologist Shortage

In this Slice of Healthcare interview, Dr. Girnita explains how direct specialty care medical practices improve rheumatology & autoimmune patient access and treatment outcomes during a worsening shortage of rheumatologists.

Broadening Access to Rheumatology via Telehealth Specialty Care

One Touch interviewed Dr. Girnita about the importance of telehealth as a tool that broadens access for patients who would otherwise wait months for in-person visits and experience avoidable diagnostic & treatment delays.

Dr. Girnita talks about telemedicine, concierge care, and the need for flexibility in care models for patients with challenging health conditions.

Breaking Barriers in Arthritis Care with Telemedicine

A discussion with KevinMD about the physician shortages and geographical and licensure barriers that make it difficult for arthritis patients to receive prompt rheumatological treatment.