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Dr. Girnita’s interview with Dr. Kevin Pho, Founder and editor of web’s leading platform where physicians, advanced practitioners, nurses, medical students, and patients share their insight and tell their stories. Watch the interview to learn about direct specialty care where the doctor and the patient relationship is restored.  Direct specialty care is a way for the patient to get the doctor paid directly and receive the medical services that they need. Read more about direct specialty care here :

Dr. Girnita believes specialists are ready to upgrade the medical market to one built on the above direct contracts with employers and families. DR. Girnita is the Co-Founder of Direct Specialty Care Alliance that has the mission to elevate this movement and educate fellow physicians how to become independent and restore their relationship with patients. The medical care doesn’t have to become a burden for patients, so physicians can take the lead in making their services affordable and the prices transparent.

What is direct specialty care? Are specialists interested in offering direct care? The answer is YES. Specialists are highly interested in offering access, valuable time with patients, eliminating billing, coding as incentives to see patients. Dr. Grace Torres Hodges – Owner/Founder Torres Hodges Podiatry and Dr. Diana Girnita – Founder & CEO Rheumatology OnCall®

Ep 102: How To Lower Cholesterol, Risks Of CVD, and Treat Lupus w/ Rheumatologist Dr. Diana Girnita

Here is an interview about me, my practice, how I transitioned in rheumatology, talking about autoimmune diseases, the importance of understanding autoimmune diseases and the connection with the cardiovascular system, the impact of inflammation on the heart and the whole body. How I started my direct specialty practice.

Ep 152: Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis and How To Treat It with Dr. Diana Girnita

Why does Psoriatic Arthritis often get misdiagnosed or left untreated? Please welcome back Dr. Diana Girnita from Rheumatologist OnCall® on Health Solutions with Shawn and Janet Needham to train your eye for symptoms of this chronic disease.

The Future of Medicine: Re-imagine Your Digital Practice

Here is an interview with another physician Dr. Paula Muto, Co-founder of the Uberdoc  and one of the co-founders of Mocinbird  talking about The Future of Medicine: Re-imagine Your Digital Practice

The Future of Specialists in Direct Care

Direct Care Specialists are interested in restoring the relationship with patients, offering transparent and affordable care. Drs. Paula Muto (UberDocs Founder&CEO), Cristin Dickerson (Green Imaging Founder&CEO) and Diana Girnita (Founder&CEO Rheumatologist OnCall®) discuss the current and future of specialists providing direct care. 

Rheumatologist: Broader Access To Telehealth Specialty Care

Episode #165 - Dr. Diana Girnita, Founder & CEO at Rheumatologist OnCall®

Dr. Diana Girnita founded the private Facebook group Specialists for Direct Care, has Co-founded the Direct Specialty Care Alliance and is a Direct Care Rheumatologist in multiple states.