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Living with an autoimmune condition can be challenging at times. The Wellness Program is designed by Dr. Diana Girnita for patients with arthritis and autoimmune conditions that are looking to improve their quality of life.  The program addresses the most important four pillars that will help you improve :

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress management


Many people use “Dr. Google” to research their symptoms. We do not encourage you to do that. Besides being an amazing resource, google searches can often be misleading and your research can generate more stress. You may land on websites that are not managed by medical professionals or support groups that can be an additional source of misinformation. If you are looking for additional information, we suggest to ask your physician or use trustworthy websites such as:




US foundations

Lupus Foundation of America

Arthritis Foundation

Myositis Association

National Psoriasis Foundation

Scleroderma Foundation

Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation

Vasculitis Foundation

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