A Consultation with Dr. Girnita is REQUIRED in order to make sure we are able to help you. We do require a $50 deposit to book the appointment , after which it will deducted from the total cost of the consultation ($499).

You may decide you want to sign up to our membership plan or continue with fee for service options.

New Pricing

minimum 3 months
First Visit 60 min$499
Follow up Visits - 30 min$299
Urgent visit - 30 min$450
Intergrative Medicine$400
Review of Medical Records$300/hr
Preauthorization (Medication, Imaging)$130
Online nutrition & stress management classes$20/month
Online physical therapy$20/month
Patient Portal Access$10/month
Medication refillsduring appointments
24/7 Communication with physician (email, text)prorated to $399/hr
Cancellation < 48hours$50
Priority bookingX
Same day/ next day appointmentsX
After hours appointmentsX
Routine labs* (2 times/ year)X
Discounted laboratory servicesX
Discounted imaging servicesX
Discounted prices medication**X

* Included labs are CBC, CMP, ESR, CRP, Lipid Profle, TSH, uric acid
** Offers for discounted resourses for medication

Are you tired of paying a $40-50 copayment for 7 minutes with your doctor? Are you tired of surprise bills?

Despite paying every month, thousands of dollars, you are asked to pay copayments, high deductibles and often receive surprise bills.

Rheumatologist OnCall® believes you deserve more and will make your health our number one priority. You will have time, access and transparency of all costs

Today, insurance companies are restricting patients from seeing certain physicians. They try to interfere with your physician’s medical judgment.

Our membership model removes the “middleman” so we can concentrate on your care and not spend time writing notes and submitting claims to insurances.

Insurance companies do not disclose the cost of your consultation, laboratories, imaging tests, or medication.

Our members will get relaxed and conversational visits, same day/ next day appointments, direct communication with a physician and access to discounted & very affordable laboratory, imaging services and many

Frequently Asked Questions


You can absolutely use your insurance for laboratory & imaging, medications, other specialty or hospitalization visits. The ONLY thing that your insurance can’t be used for is the cost of your consultation or, if you qualify, for your monthly subscription fee. We DON’T charge any co-payments or surprise bills. All costs are transparent.

We are happy to provide you an itemized bill for the fee for service visits that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement here.


No problem! While we do recommend you carry health insurance, it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have great access to specialist care. Dr. Girnita is a strong advocate of affordable and transparent healthcare. We offer very discounted prices for laboratory, imaging and many medications. You will never, ever be blindsided by a bill.


At this time, Dr. Girnita is not able to accept Medicare/ Medicaid patients in the states that she is licensed. Will update you when more information is available. If you are or become in any way affiliated with Medicare/Medicaid insurance, contact Dr. Girnita immediately to inform her about your decision. DO NOT try to submit any of your claims to Medicare/ Medicaid.

ONLINE/ Telemedicine visit is an affordable, secure way to take care of your rheumatic conditions. The visit can be done from the comfort of your home or office. You can use a smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet to connect with a US board certified rheumatologist.

YES, before you sign up to become a member of the first appointment is always required to make sure we are able to help your medical situation.

Yes, a signed contract is required to get involved into your medical care. We respect the privacy of your medical information and we will not involve into your medical care without a signed contract.

Yes, our telemedicine company is designed to provide private, secure, HIPAA-compliant visits to allow patients to have a safe and confidential consultation.

The average waiting time to be seen by a rheumatologist across the US is between 4 and 6 months. The company provides you with access to a top expert PHYSICIAN rheumatologist with many years of experience.

If you are a resident in the states covered by Rheumatologist OnCall your waiting time may be less than 1 week.

Your life is precious. Your time is precious. Your level of pain can be very high. Some autoimmune diseases can cause significant organ damage and some diseases can potentially end up with death.

Establishing a diagnosis and quickly starting treatment will lead you to a normal life.

We understand urgent situations can happen. We do request to get a valid reason for cancelling your appointment. More than 2 consecutive cancellation are not acceptable. If you need to cancel and / or reschedule your appointment that needs to be done with more than 24 hours before your appointment time, otherwise will result in a cancellation fee of $75.

New patient consultations will be typically 60 minutes. Second opinion consultations 60-90 minutes. Return patients consultation will be 30 minutes.

YES, patients from California may be seen in person. Dr. Girnita office is located in Sunnyvale, California. Please call/ email/ use the website to schedule your in-office visit.

Phone consultations will be allowed only for members of  the practice. We will make our best efforts to give you a video consultation with the physician as soon as possible to be able to make a proper evaluation and answer your questions in detail.

Yes, the doctor can prescribe labs and imaging studies if appropriate. If you become a patient of our practice and decide to pay cash for your laboratory and imaging test, we will share with you discounted prices.

The orders are placed ONLY during your visit time.

Lab results are not reviewed between appointments. If laboratory results show something critical/urgent, we will call you immediately after receiving. Otherwise, all lab results will be reviewed in detail during your appointment by the physician.

We do not provide interpretation of your lab results by phone or email as this will lead to many confusions and your questions can not be answered appropriately.

Yes, the prescriptions can be written at the end of the consultation or follow up visit if appropriate. If the consultation is for a second opinion, no medications are prescribed. Some medications require preauthorization from your insurance company and that could take more time to be approved and generate extra cost. If necessary, Dr. Girnita is here to guide you get financial support from pharmaceutical companies to be able to afford medication.

Please be advised, Dr. Girnita does not prescribe any narcotics, neurologic medications or medical marijuana.

Many rheumatologic medications require frequent monitoring by laboratory analysis. Without evidence of proof that these laboratory results are within normal range, these medications cannot be prescribed/refilled.

Your doctor is making sure that you are safe and able to tolerate these medications before a refill is done.

That will require a follow up visit with the physician.Please allow for about 48 hours until your refill is completed.

Medication refills:  There will be no prescription refills between appointments. The doctor will fill your prescription for the length of time you need before checking in about the efficacy of the medication.

Thus, medication refills are done at the time of the appointment only. This includes pharmacy refill requests. The patient must plan visits accordingly.

The choice is yours. You will receive a copy of your after-visit summary, that you can choose to share or not with your primary care provider. For a great continuity of your care, Dr. Girnita recommends that you share this information with your PCP. If you agree, we will fax all your office visits with your PCP.

No. Email communication is reserved for administrative purposes only, such as: confirming appointments, signing the contract with the practice. Emails will  not be used for consultations. We use ELATION passport for most of the communication that include sharing medical records, images, after visit recommendations etc. Please download the ELATION passport on your phone as soon as you receive the invitation.

Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive metabolic panel, c reactive protein, sedimentation rate. You will get a discounted lab price for other laboratory services with the Comprehensive and  Concierge Plans.

The membership subscription is billed month to month. If you decide to stop working with us we do require a 30 days written notice before your subscription is cancelled. The subscription is billed every month in the same day.