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Compare Rheumatologist OnCall® With Traditional Clinics

Rheumatologist OnCall®


Traditional Clinics

Immediate access to rheumatologist

You will be seen in less than one week
You choose the specialist that fits your needs

Long time to see a specialist

Waiting time can be up to 6 months
Your insurance will chose who you will see

Relaxed appointments

30-60 minutes spent with the specialist
All concerns addressed in your visit
The physician collaborates with you to establish the medical plan
Integrative medicine discussions

Rushed Appointments

7-10 minutes appointments
One concern per visit is addressed
The physician dictates the medical plan
No discussions about integrative medicine

Direct Communication with the physician

Using tools like email/ text/ phone you may access the physician 24/7
Medical questions addressed by the physician

No direct communication with the physician

Waiting on the phone for hours
Interaction with a medical assistant/ nurse
Delayed answers from physicians
No direct contact communication with a physician

Personalized Care

Long term relationship with your physician
Personalized care plan
Physician panel size: max 600
Physician incentivized by patient wellbeing and satisfaction

Unpersonalized care

Short term relationship
One fits all plan
Physician panel size: 2500-3000
Physician incentivized by seeing more patients/ day

Same/next-day appointments

2-3 months wait for an appointment

Affordable and transparent pricing

Monthly fee covers most services
Discounted laboratory services
Discounted imaging services
All costs disclosed upfront
NO copayments
No surprise bills

Expensive and vague pricing

Insurance + Copay + Deductible
Lab fees for profit
Imaging fees outrageous
Costs never disclosed upfront
Copayments with each visit
Surprise bills are the norm

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